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Survival Skills

From the Half Ass Expeditions Wilderness Guide Series

survival with style

Here's a selection of HAE wit and wisdom. We are so full of it, that we will surely be adding to this steaming heap of spoofo-journalism. Click through the collection and maybe you'll learn something. (i.e. Like... uhhh... there's something wrong with these guys.) Remember, don't take us too seriously or we'll want our own TV Show!

  • How to Take a Dump with Snowshoes On
    Winter wilderness bathroom basics.
  • Watering Hole Etiquette
    Proper behavior at the water source.
  • Sleeping With JB
    Tips to keep from freezing your ass off.
  • Mount Everest, New Hampshire
    Mount Washington is much cheaper.
  • Wilderness Hygiene, From Bad To Worse
    The reality of smelling real bad.
  • Panty Shields, the Backpacker's Pal!
    Not just for women anymore.
  • Wilderness Privy User's Guide
    Before you sit, you better read this.
  • Stuck On You, a fecal tale
    One stool's story...

    Check out the Skateluge!

  • Copyright 2005 Tim Novak and HAE