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From the Half Ass Expeditions Guide to Camp Cooking

BAKEBAG backpack cook system

        The BAKEBAG is a lightweight, fuel saving backpack cooking aid that enhances flavor and textures of trail food as well as keeping the food hot.

The BAKEBAG consists of three components:

  1. an insulated bag lined with heat resistant fabric and a draw close opening with attached cord lock.
  2. an insulated disc fitting inside bag on top of the cook pot to be placed inside. One side is heat resistant fabric and the other side is weather resistant fabric.
  3. a stainless stain cook pot with a locking lid. (StowAway™ Pot 1100ml, MSR)
cook systemThe BAKEBAG cook system is really quite simple. The BAKEBAG helps to retain the heat in the cook pot simply by insulating it after it comes off the stove. The super insulated bag allows the food to continue cooking even though it has been removed from the heat source. The food absorbs all necessary water without burning on the bottom of the pot and consuming stove fuel.

Directions for using the BAKEBAG:

The BAKEBAG could not be easier to use. The important thing to remember is you will be handling HOT food as well as working near an open cook stove flame. Be careful! The BAKEBAG saves fuel by eliminating the simmer phase of recipes. The fuel used to bring the ingredients to a boil adds enough heat continue the cooking process if that heat is not allowed to escape. Recipes that work best with the BAKEBAG include casserole style meals where the water needs to be absorbed by the recipes ingredients. (i.e., noodle and rice dishes) Once everything has been added to the recipe and brought to a HARD boil, the pot is taken OFF the burner/stove and placed on the insulated disc, silver side up. The cover is placed on the pot and locked in place. Only then is the pot carefully placed in the BAKEBAG, the disc is placed on top, (silver side down) and the BAKEBAG is drawn closed. Then you wait for 3 times the simmer time indicated by the recipe. (i.e. if the recipe says cook for 5 minutes, leave in the BAKEBAG for 15 minutes) You can leave in the BAKEBAG longer for more tender ingredients. Don´t worry, the food can´t burn or be overcooked. All that is left to do is open the bag, get out the cook pot and eat!

BAKEBAG hat Benefits of BAKEBAG

  • Save fuel/weight
  • Better tasting food
  • Reduce burning on the bottom
  • Keep food hot even in extreme cold
  • Padded bag for cook pot
  • Excellent emergency hat
  • Backpack cooler

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