(WT) On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the fiasco at Bigelow Mountain, Sir Ervinest Mount da Gomerly scolded the legions of climbers partying at base camp, saying he doesn't consider, "knocking back hot toddies and haebars," as mountaineering.

Gomerly, the star of this weeks anniversary celebrations, said he sometimes doubted whether his climb was a good thing, opening up the HAE camp secrets to all sorts of Western bacon cheese fried hacks.

There were dozens of people at base camp with "a booze place for drinks and all the other comforts," Ervinest said at a news conference Wednesday.

"Just sitting around in a big base camp, knocking back hot toddies and da 'bars, I don't particularly regard that as mountaineering," he said.

(Editors Note: As if anyone here at haeadventure.com would fail to mention that having 50 people die in a row before a couple of lucky chaps managed to tough it out isn't exactly what we would regard as mountaineering either.)

As he spoke in a deeply snow pocketed winter camp in the Maine Appalachian, a Cesna with a bunch of people aboard crashed deep in the Mountain chain. The pilot and several passengers were killed, officials said.

The plane crashed as it was trying to fly near where the climbers happened to be gathered to mark Tuesdays 15th anniversary of the first known HAE ascent of the summit by the entire crew and clientele.

Also marring anniversary celebrations was a clash between police and anti-government protesters, mostly in the form of JB when the doughnut brigade of blue color, NH flavored, pulled over his speeding brown bomb on Kangamagous Highway, the central section.

Officials used tearful laughing and big D mag lights to disperse more than 5000 dollars worth of fines, legal fees, and court appearances, angered that lead-footed JB and his pathetically overloaded set of wheels kept them from setting up with some royally anointed cream filled and coffees back at the Dunkin Donuts in town.

In the past few days, Mount da Gomerly, 43, has been lauded as a hero in Kangamagous style driving. At his news conference he said he appreciated his warm welcome in NH as well as the interest in his lead feet.

However, the famed mountaineer writer from New England expressed concerns about the future of Bigelow, which he wants closed to any new Floyd Exploitations.

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