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The Half Ass Expeditions Guide to Winter Hiking Equipment
by Timur Novasch, your cybah-spaced backwoods gear innovator.

snowshoe failure     Half Ass Expeditions live on their Snowshoes. Without them in the deep snow, you're not going anywhere fast. When Timur's most sacred MSR snowshoes broke on top of Hancock last year, there was much lamenting. However, up from the ashes of epic snowshow failure rise the roses of re-engineering. Powered by pure poverty and a basement full of spare parts, Timur turned a pair of unused skateboard decks into a whole new style of snowshoes.

    snowshoes BEFORE cutting

     The jigsaw cut out the "toehole" and the drill press carved the out the other holes. Next, sand off the old finish, wipe on a new polyurethane finish. From out of the mess came the first step in skateboard to snowshoe conversion.

   skateboard deck snowshoes

    The MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshow binding is the best binding I've used. The ease of operation, even with mitts on as well as the reliability of the straps was the reason they were salvaged from the damaged snowshoes. I fashioned a bracket from some stainless angle bar. After that, it was simply a matter of sinking a pair of "t-nuts" into each carved up deck, screwing on the complete MSR Lightning Ascent binding and Viola... Skateboard Snowshoes...

skateboard snowshoes with bindings

        Now lets see if these suckers work...

*TEST report* - worked AWESOME on the flats, not so awesome on hills. Needs grip blades on the sides if I plan to do any "climbing". I probably won't do that, however, because I like the unique stride that is similar to x-country skiing. The way these "deck shoes" float on the snow is excellent. Two polypro thumbs up...

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