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The Half Ass Expeditions Guide to Camp Cooking

     The great thing about winter camping is its like you're walking around in a big refridgerator so you can bring stuff that would ordinarily go bad. Unfortunately, it means frozen foods only! I didn't have to study thermodynamics to understand that it takes a whole hell of a lot of BTUs to thaw out a solid block of dinner. A combination of quick cooking dry ingredients with frozen, pre-cooked vegetables and meats in boil bags creates tasty and fuel stingy hot meals.

     This is Tim's list, used for a five day, four night expedition in the White Mountain of northern New England. (2003) Temperatures expected to be 10 degrees F during the day and well below zero at night. This means lots of hot drinkables and as many hot meals as possible. It also means cooking has to be uncomplicated because of low coordination levels due to gloved hands and general camp mayhem.

I.C.s (instantly consumables)
  • Trail Mix - peanut M&Ms, raisins, almonds, diced dried apricots
  • 3 Powerbars
  • 3 Clif Bars
  • 2 Fig Newtons
  • 2 lg.Chunky choco bars
  • Fire Balls

BREAKFAST - 4 total

  • Instant oatmeal - 2 packets a day
  • Dried Fruit (raisins, apricots)
  • Coffee - instant mixed with cream power and sugar

LUNCH - 4 total

  • 4 preconstructed sandwiches - mini pita bread, ham, cheese, JBs relish mix (I call it "sandwich lubricant") Each is sealed in its own bag for easy pocket thawing.
DINNER - 4 total
  • Shrimp (in boilable bag w/ sauce) and pasta
  • Chicken (precooked in boilable bag) and noodles
  • Hamburger (in boilable bag w/ veg) and pasta
  • Chicken (precooked in boilable bag) and noodles
    (These sealed packets weight 5 to 8 ounces and are made
    at home with olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper and seasoning.
    Just dump heated packet on the noodle/rice for a complete meal.)
HOT DRINKS - in small Nalgene containers.
  • Hot chocolate powder
  • Spiced cider powder
    Need something to put the booze in..

    See Fife's foodbag HERE.

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