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Camp Cooking

From the Half Ass Expeditions Wilderness Guide Series


Ah yes, camp food. Seems even the worst chow tastes good when your out in the woods. And when you're out in the woods with HAE, its the worst chow of all! So get your titanium spoon 'cuz its time to eat.

  • The Art of the Backwoods Toddy
    Put booze in it and we'll drink it.
  • Cooking With JB and Tim
    Much mayhem around the camp stove.
  • Sample Recipes from HAE
    You're really surviving if you eat THAT.
  • Tim's Bakebag
    Keep it cooking after the stove stops.
  • What's In HAE's Food Bag
    Do they make a backpacker's stomach pump?

    Check out the Skateluge!
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