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     HAE hikers are constantly tinkering around with equipment and replacing worn out stuff with whatever is the latest in the stores. Over the decades that HAE trips have taken place, every aspect of backpacking equipment has seen multi-generational evolution and revolution. Often times these revolutions are only looked at with envy by the team members, who know full well that the newest top-level professional equipment will always be too expensive. But sooner or later the power of the mass marketing takes over, and great improvements in performance level are made available to the average yuppie hiker. So every year it's off to the stores to check out the latest stuff, and decide if now is the time to make the swap.

obsolete gear

     HAE hikers take endless delight in the latest equipment and widgets carried on that year's trip. While most end up as little more than a field trial, some equipment goes on to be used for many years, working hard and undoubtedly being abused in the field until finally being retired for one reason or another. Only then can they be considered a candidate for the HAE Hall of Fame. Sometimes it's not a specific piece of equipment, but an entire type of item or food, of which various incarnations where used without any significant regard to the particulars. But regardless of how trivial, or important an item, or the reason for not making this years pack list, to get into the HAE Hall Of Fame, equipment from annals of HAE history have a story to tell, even if it does so happen to be lost somewhere in a hiker's cluttered garage.

     That's because now and again, something is put on the shelf by the team that gets more than just an offhanded toss into the junk box. Maybe a moments reflection, a feeling of revered status for an icon brought down by the endless churn of innovation and optimization. The gut reacts, the hiker knows that this is a sentimental artifact that conjures up images of the most memorable hiking trips that can be remembered in a fog lined brain. These are items that define a period, and epoch out of the time line that is often clouded by years of monotonous domestic life. The hiker pauses for a moment, and sighs as the clang in the junk box is heard, those days will never be seen again.

     For years a neglected resource, the recently established of the Hall of Fame, with newly elected committee members and chairperson, has now embarked on it's mission to preserve and protect the legacy found in our junk bins. New policies have been adopted to preserve our current generation of equipment. And archaeological expeditions have been reviewed and approved by the sub-committe panel for historical records, and funded at the appropriate level of at least one six pack and haebar for each junk bin excavation. The committee has also established guidelines for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. To gain nomination, the item will be judged according to the following criteria:

1) Served in a long, honorable and memorable capacity.
2) Defined the personality and era of HAE and the hiker carrying the item.
3) Retired because a new one, or it's equivalent, was packed.

     So without any further considerations, we here at the HAE historical library are proud to present the roll call for the HAE Hall of Fame.

also known as trash Inductees
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