the Clamb, anus clenching adventure

Vincentoli Blanteev
Half Ass Expedition Guide

and G. Mount Da Gomerly



The snow is deep.
Tim points to an Appalachian Trail blaze,
normally 5 feet above the ground. (photo © Vincetoli Blanteev)

Stay tuned for more of the continuing backwoods antics as the HAE crew undertakes the Return to Gordon Pond/Wolf Mountain Adventure! A rare February expedition into familiar territory, this 2001 trip reintroduced Tim back to the winter woods after missing the last year's hike.

JB and Mark on the trail
JB and Mark on the Trail. (photo © Tim Novak)

...will the HAE camp get trampled by moose? Will Tim ever stop complaining about his huge digital camera? Are they going to act like trash when they hit that snow-fort shelter? We'll bring it to you LATER...

Chapter 16, Bagged It and Bail... CLICK

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