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January 18, 2007

Rex Sworn In as
Half Ass Expedition Guide

Rex, HAE GuideCarabassett Valley, Maine. Well known wilderness adventurer and video game athlete Rex Waters of Seattle, Washington was awarded the official status of Half Ass Expeditions guide. After years as a "client", Rex has exhibited all the skills neccesary for winter wilderness camping such as not freezing to death and tolerating Jim's incredibly loud snoring. The mountainside induction ceremony included the classic HAE bonfire, bottomless hot toddys and haebars whilst standing on foam in sub zero temperatures.

Rex is the first client ever to be added to the Half Ass Expeditions team. "We've attemped to recruit new members in the past but our other clients never returned for another hike." stated Tim Novak during a red carpet interview at the Caribou Pond base camp, "It takes a special breed of adventurer to tolerate, um..., I mean attempt an expedition with the HAE team. "

2007 Half Ass Expeditions team photo

During the week long winter expedition, the team experienced deep snow and temperatures well below zero within the logged out region between the Appalachian Trail and Sugarloaf Mountain. The conditions were bad enough for local law enforcement officials to contemplate rescuing the HAE team. "Our team's ability to survive was never in doubt." Jim Fife stated during a press conference at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where throngs of HAE fans crowded to get a glimpse of Rex before he was whisked away to a waiting limo.

Half Ass Expeditions is widely known for the near fatal events on Mount Bigelow, Maine in 1987, chronicled in their online adventure classic, Into Big Maine. HAE is responsible for countless acres of deforestation in northern New England during their well publicized annual winter backpacking expeditions.

See more photos from the 2007 Carrabassett Valley Expedition HERE.

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