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January 3, 2006

HAE Gets Ripped Off

HAE has always been at the cutting edge of winter hiking technology. Winter camping in New England requires specialized equipment that is lightweight and bombproof. With the four of us hitting the winter woods yearly, innovation is a by-product of intense backwoods gear testing and design. More than a few times this has led to the invention of our own gear when the outfitters don't have what we're looking for. Take the Bakebag idea, for instance...


Simple idea: insulate a pot that has been brought to a boil with the dry ingredients so the cooking can continue without using any more fuel. Works great as an emergency hat and butt pad as well. The idea is so good, a Canadian company is having them made in Vietnam for sale in their stores. And HAE gets nothing! Why...? 'Cuz we don't have a bunch of lawyers and a wad of cash. Oh, here's another one. This product is for sale by none other than Brookstone, a pretty big player. Of course, their version of the Thwam Thwacker is made of wrought iron so only a gomer would bring one into the woods.

thwam thwackers

Do I sound bitter? Well, maybe I am. All I know is, if you're looking to introduce innovative new winter hiking equipment, then visit HAE's website often. No doubt we'll provide many more ideas to steal.

Half Ass Expeditions factory outlet

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